Services We Provide

  • Campaign Consulting & Management
  • Voter Identification Programs
  • Message Development
  • Design and/or Print & Postage of Mail Pieces
  • Design and/or Print of Push Cards
  • Database Management
  • Live Telephone Polling/Surveys
  • Automated Telephone Polling/Surveys
  • Missouri Ethics Commission Reporting
  • Federal Election Commission Reporting
  • Web site Design & Hosting
  • Generate Targeted Walk List

G2V Gateway to Victory Program

G2V Phone Package

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Contact us TODAY, and we will curtail a phone program for your district. This could include; Full District ID, Phone polling, Automated Messages, Live Advocacy Calls, etc.
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G2V Direct Mail

From Start to Finish
Included will be a direct mail program made specifically for your district. We design, print and mail your pieces for you at the lowest cost in Missouri!
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Services Overview

Campaign Management - We start with the 6 P's: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Our consultants have over 30 years of campaign experience to get your campaign started from day 1 and to ensure the best possible victory strategy. We can be brought in at any phase of the campaign to assess the situation and get things back on track. The greatest asset of a campaign is time, and time management of the candidate, staff and recourses are vital and require campaign experience

Voter Identification - Buying a simple registered voter file from your local election authority can be daunting and intimidating task to any campaign. That is why we have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours accumulating appropriate information on registered voters in our database to maximize results. Through the program we set up for you and implement throughout the campaign we constantly update the voter file up until the GOTV effort on election day.

Message Development - Direct mail is a very effect, yet EXPENSIVE, way to communicate with voters. We begin by saving you money on the most expensive piece of it, PRINTING. Let Survey Missouri bid any print project and let us show you how we can save you money!!! We can also help you draft a direct mail plan, offer design concepts and create pieces for print.

Services In-Depth

  • Design, Print & Postage of Mail Pieces - The easiest way we can SAVE YOU MONEY, is to design and print your direct mail pieces and maximize effectiveness while minimizing the impact to your budget.

  • Design & Print of "Push Cards" - We can help you get started by designing and printing your original campaign "Push Card" as well as any other campaign pieces you may need for specific campaign events across your district.

  • Database Management - We can save you TIME by using our extensive database to manage your registered voter file throughout the campaign and update the file regularly with new information from walk lists, sign up sheets, phone calls, internet sign ups, etc..

  • Live Telephone Polling/Surveys - Through our in-house phone operation we can conduct live polling and voter interaction. Our system has the technology and ability to do various live caller programs your campaign may require.

  • Automated Telephone Polling/Surveys - Through our in-house phone operation we can contact thousands of voters with a specific message in minutes. Our system has the technology and ability to do various automated programs your campaign may require.

  • Missouri Ethics & Federal Election Commission Reporting - One of the more tedious yet important campaign tasks is keeping up with the State reporting requirements. We can relieve your of this burden and file your disclosure reports for you.

  • Website Design & Hosting - With the internet playing a more important role in campaigns each day, we can help you design a campaign web site that fits your needs and ability to make updates that fits your budget.

  • Generate Targeted Walk Lists - Door-to-Door plays a major role, the smaller the campaign. We can provide you or your campaign volunteers with targeted walk list saving you time as you visit with voters.